Accounting Career Guide

Accounting Careers

Contrary to the myths and stereotypes, a career in accounting goes beyond calculators, green visors and “bean counting.” Today’s accountant is a strategist, advisor and leader, and whether you work for a large accounting firm or a nonprofit organization, a typical day is rarely the same.

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How Do You Fit In?

Take our personality quiz to discover the type of accounting organization that would best match your skills and goals.
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creativity in the numbers

Creativity in the Numbers

Growth Hackers are a new breed of business people—they use creativity, analytical thinking and social metric to grow and build companies in today’s global marketplace. Find out how the role of Growth Hackers in the field of accounting are now helping to shape businesses.



Think you’re an accounting whiz? Prove it. Challenge your classmates to this game of wit, wisdom and ambition.
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Salary Snapshot

Salary Snapshot

Take a peek at the typical paychecks of accountants who work at Sirius FM, Epic Games, Whole Foods and other leading companies!
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Career Options

You might be surprised about the range of career options for accountants. Discover what makes a great CPA and the types of cool companies that are hiring.
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Real-Life CPAs

From entrepreneurs to CEOs, meet successful businesspeople who got their start in accounting.
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Picture yourself as a CPA. Answer a few quick questions and find out which CPA role fits you best.
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CPA Student Discussion Guide

Use this classroom resource to guide discussion and share activities about careers in accounting…» Download Guide