Personality Types

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The Energy Source (extrovert): You’re outgoing, charismatic and in constant need for stimulation. You have lots of energy and love to share it with the people around you. People find you exciting and you always end up being the center of attention—exactly where you want to be. You don’t like being alone and you naturally attract people.


The Social Creature (agreeableness + extrovert): You love people, and people love you. You’re kind and sympathetic, and take great interest in other people. You have several social circles and move graciously between them. You spread positive energy around you, and feed on the excitement you get from meeting old and new contacts. Life is a party, and everyone is invited!


The Natural Born Leader (orderliness + extrovert): Your combination of social skills and getting things done makes you someone people turn to for advice and guidance. You’re efficient and structured, but human values always come first, which is why you never boss people around. In fact, being around people is when you’re most comfortable, and if there is a lack of order in the group, you strive to create it.


The Life Surfer (openness + extrovert): You surf on life, enjoying the best parts. You’re curious and like to meet new people, as well as learn about the human mind. You search for new experiences and adventures and love to share them with your friends. You’re creative and approach challenges in a broad way. Spontaneity and diversity guide your actions, which can sometimes make it difficult for you to focus and commit.


b_ humanitarian
The Humanitarian (agreeableness): You’re compassionate and friendly. You see the good in everyone and treat all living creatures with the respect they deserve. You get along well with people and bring a feeling of harmony to your social circle. You’re genuinely interested in people. You dislike conflict and in some situations prefer to take a backseat.


The Organized Philanthropist (orderliness + agreeableness): You need order in your life. You prefer to focus on one thing at a time, and when doing so you’re very efficient. You’re modest, kind and have an optimistic view of human nature, which is why you ideally put your skills to use in the health and welfare sector. You prefer one-to-one sessions with close friends before big social events and value your friends more than anything.


The Intellectual Hippie (openness + agreeableness): You love to help people, but usually find unconventional and subtle ways of doing it. You’re fascinated by what the human mind is capable of creating, and seek the world for moments to enrich your life. You love psychology and philosophy. Your respect for all living beings makes you a humble and likeable person, and the biggest reward is when you get to impart your knowledge to those around you.


The Executive (orderliness): You feel the need to achieve in everything you do. You’re focused, self-disciplined and goal-oriented. You like to plan your route rather than improvise, and you are always prepared. There’s an order to everything in your life, and you go the extra mile to get the details right. People around you rely on you and trust your loyalty.


The Outside-the-box Achiever (openness + orderliness): You’re goal-oriented, and always approach tasks in the most efficient way. You enjoy problem solving and intellectual challenges, and often solve them in unconventional ways. You’re curious and imaginative, but need order in your life in order to enjoy it completely. Once you have found a structure, nothing can distract you from achieving what you want.


The Artist (openness): You’re original, curious and creative. You like finding new paths and solving problems in unconventional ways. You’re more interested in the bigger picture than the details, and you approach tasks from a bird’s-eye view. You’re open to new experiences and intellectual challenges, and you appreciate art and beauty.