Tech Careers: Information Security and
IT Support Services

As technology and data become more and more important to organizations, careers in support services and information security are growing at a rapid pace.

Tech Careers: Information Security

TEKsystems’ Information Security Officer Vandy Hill describes the roles of security officers in the protection of data, organization security and computer systems as a career path – noting that as cybercrime, hacking and data theft become more common, the need for information security roles within government and organizations will continue to grow and offer new career opportunities.

Tech Careers: IT Support Services

From keeping organizations connected and networked to assisting with staffing and operations, the evolving role of support services representatives offers exciting new options in tech career paths. TEKsystems’ Alicia Harris, a stay-at-home mother who transitioned from raising her children to becoming a leading service services specialist, shares her inspiring story about career advancement, and Nick Amigo, a support team leader whose team supports Bloomberg and other Fortune 500 companies, takes us through a typical workday.

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